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Atlas Ram Pump Parts

The Atlas ram pump will pump water from a flowing source of water
to a point above that source, with no other power required.

A full description of how to build and install an Atlas Ram Pump
is contained in the E-book 'Hydraulic Ram Pumps, How and Where They Work'

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Atlas Ram Pump Parts

Atlas ram pump 

The Atlas Ram Pump parts shown here shows everything needed to build the Atlas Ram. Only the concrete for the base and PVC glue is needed. The drive and delivery pipes are not part of the detail. The plans now call for heavy-duty US made valves (Simmons, 400 psi) although other brands can be used, and larger clack valves as well. The air dome uses Heavy Duty 220 psi PVC well casing. The cost of the parts is about $75-$100 at most hardware stores.

See below the configuration of the parts:

Atlas ram pump 
Check Valves

The best check valves to use are made by Simmons Manufacturing and are available at most hardware stores.
We can recommend online ordering from www.antonline.com.
They are called Brass in-line spring loaded check valves (#503-SB), are rated at 400 psi, and the bushing need not be replaced by the plastic sleeve mentioned in the book.

For a detail of the clack valve conversion process, see this rendition of pgs. 22 & 23 of the book showing how to

convert a check valve.


SIMMONS MFG. CO. #503-SB, 1", 1.1 pounds. Silicon Bronze Lead Free Check Valves; Silicon Bronze Cast Poppet, Female Pipe Thread.
This is the valve for the check valve, part #11, pg.9, in the book, and for the clack valve for a 1" Atlas Ram. 2 valves are needed per ram. A larger clack valve can be used,although this will need a different coversion kit.

NOW AVAILABLE from Atlas Publications :

Atlas Ram Pump E-BOOK IS READY
Click to read about this new Atlas Ram E-book for $4.00

How to order the Instant Download of this E-book.
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Here are some sample pages from the Atlas Ram E-book.
If you have the print book and are interested in a more detailed version of building
the check/tank mount unit than is in the print book, I suggest downloading these
pages to greatly clarify the process. Lots of pictures and more information.
These pages are a standard PDF file of about a half megabyte in file size.

Click here for the Check Mount Construction pages

You should get the standard pdf download screen

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