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Atlas Publications produces several unusual books for homesteaders and others interested in learning how to farm giant freshwater American or Australian crayfish-on a small or large scale, or how to build and/or install an Atlas Ram Pump and how one works.
The books listed below are available directly from the publisher.

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Atlas Ram E-book. Build this Atlas Ram Pump from the plans 
in the new E-book
The Original!
Hydraulic Ram Pumps
How and Where They Work
NOW in E-book form
The ram pump, or water ram, is a very useful 'old-tech' device that has been around for many years and is as useful today as ever. It can pump water from a flowing source of water to a point ABOVE that source with no power requirement other than the force of gravity. Invented before electric water pumps, this rugged, simple and reliable device works continuously with only 2 moving parts and very little maintenence. Typically installed at remote homestead sites for domestic water supply, emergency survival 'bugout locations', prepper gardens,fish ponds and livestock. Because it uses no power, a ram pump can be used where water would normally not be used and would flow on downstream, wasted. This new E-book is self-published by me (Don Wilson) like the original book first printed over 25 years ago. Over the years the cost of printing and mailing books has gone 'way up. I decided the time had come for an E-book version. This brings the price down quite a bit, and also allows people outside the U.S. access to this information. This is all personally produced at home by me and is in an industry standard PDF file; no gimmicks or malicious code. The Atlas Ram e-book explains in simple terms and with illustrations and color photos how the ram pump works. The second section of the book gives step-by-step plans for building a fully operational Atlas Ram Pump from readily available plumbing fittings, and which requires NO welding, drilling, tapping or special tools to fabricate. The last section shows where and how the Atlas Ram Pump can be set up, and how to keep it going.

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Atlas Ram Pump E-Book

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(e-book) Got it - It printed beautifully. It will be a great addition to our Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation resource library. Thanks!  Elaine Vidal,   Energy and Water Programs,  Northwest Energy Education Institute,  Lane Community College    http://www.nweei.org/

Reviewer: jtgookin@nols.edu from Lander, Wyoming: "A great little book!!! I have built and bought hydraulic ram pumps. I have bought the books from England, called ram builders all over the US, and searched the net. Don Wilson's book has the clearest directions I have seen."

Atlas Ram Pump built from the plans in this book. Output from this Atlas ram pump installation. From: e.j. samson (bigbear128@juno.com) Hi again. I thought I would let you know how I made out with your ram pump plans....as you can see-GREAT! I was skeptical at first; didn't see how it could work. After hooking it all up, we are pumping water 125 ft. high and over 400 ft. away.. not a lot of water, but enough: around 12 to 15 gallons an hour! Thanks again! Sincerely, Ernie Samson.

Reviewer: Jimmy Martin, Williamson, NY: "I received your book today and immediately read it from cover to cover. As a manufacturing engineer for over 30 years, I have been keenly interested in finding information on the Hydraulic Ram Pump. I would like to thank you for your very informative book. It is well written, very well illustrated...and the best investment I have made in years!"

Atlas Ram Pump built from the plans in this book. Marcelo and I marvel at the simplicity. From: Carol Bushar (amoriluz@gmail.com)
Dear Mr. Don Wilson, Thank you so much for your excellent Atlas hydraulic ram pump design! I believe that Gray Harrower contacted you from Wisconsin last year to secure a part of your design to help his daughter install a system in Chile. Well, we would like to extend our personal thanks and to let you know that all was a success! We have been enjoying freshly pumped spring water in our home in southern Chile since the installation in January and really can not say enough about how much this system has changed our lives.

Please enjoy the photos of our installation process from my picasa web album: Southern Chile Installation
We still have much to learn and reference your book on a regular basis to any and all visitors curious about our pump. Our next plans are to open more source points to help our cistern fill and stay filled, just as your book advises.

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Atlas Ram E-Book description and ordering

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 AQUACULTURE MAGAZINE' James W. Avault, book review editor:
This 45 page book is broken down into two sections, easy to read, well organized and packed with information.
Small Scale Crayfish Farming for food and profit
(ISBN 0-9631526-1-0)
This useful book--a bare bones, how to manual--explores how to raise crayfish in a small scale in a country setting. It is a surprisingly complete (for its size) factual compilation of years of University and industry research as well as individual findings on the culture of freshwater crayfish. It is well known that farmed crayfish will grow to a much larger size than the wild ones, and much more rapidly, if given optimum conditions. These conditions are easily reached, and are much less strict than most aquaculture species. Prepared in a number of tasty ways, freshwater crayfish are highly regarded as a delicacy both here and abroad. They are similar to lobster and shrimp in taste and texture, and are an excellent source of high quality, low-fat protein. Targeting the small farmer or backyard hobbyist, this book outlines specific guidelines for pond construction and efficiency, food and environmental needs, tank culture, sources of supply Crayfish Suppliers, egg & juvenile production for stocking, processing & sale...of the best species of freshwater crayfish for aquaculture in all areas of the US.

White River crayfish...most popular Northern variety for culture Red Swamp crayfish...most popular Southern variety for culture
Here are two of the most popular varieties for culture. Both grow to over 1 oz. in weight in one growing season, under optimum conditions of temperature, aeration, density, turbidity and feeding. All easily reached conditions!

Raise giant sized freshwater crayfish! More about this book and crayfish farming here: Crayfish Farming


from 'BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE' by Dave Duffy, editor: "This is a small but useful book..a bare bones 'how-to' manual on how to raise crayfish in a small country setting. Wilson is a clear, informative writer, and this book is in that vein..short and to the point. No fluff. I like it a lot."

From 'WHOLE EARTH REVIEW' by Kevin Kelly, editor: "Crayfish look and taste like small lobsters, but can be grown in a back lot pond. They can be raised anywhere in the 48 states, and thrive on almost any kind of feed. They require only a shallow pool of fresh water, are self-replenishing and easily caught. There is backyard gourmet protein for homesteaders here. This self-published how-to booklet will guide your crustacean dreams."

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 'SMALL FARM TODAY' editor Ron Macher : This book offers inexpensive, detailed information 
on raising crayfish for food and profit on a small acreage. Raise giant Red Claw freshwater crayfish!

RED CLAW! Raising the Giant Australian Crayfish..
(ISBN 0-9631526-3-7)
The Red Claw crayfish is a new and very promising aquaculture species. The Red Claw is very similar to the native American species, except that it grows to a HUGE size--almost to that of a lobster! There are several other notable differences, such as year-round breeding, awesome fecundity... often over 700 eggs per breeder! They also have a non-aggressive nature, which allows many more Red Claw crayfish to live happily in a given space than would the native American crayfish. This book is one of the few sources for complete information on all aspects of the culture of this lobster sized freshwater crayfish. Compiled from leading edge research direct from Australia as well as individual and University findings from all over the U.S.,this book dispels the hype and furnishes the facts about this little known but highly prized new aquaculture species. Fish farmers have managed to become major players in this bottomless market in only a couple of years. Small scale family run operations are harvesting 'short lobsters' in less than a year, and the startup costs are relatively low. There are not many Red Claw crayfish reference books, and this book packs all the info you may need into a small price. Included in the book are photos from down under, food and feeding regimens needed to raise the Red Claw to giant size, well managed pond and tank factors, hatching and juvenile production, stocking methods, sources of supply --Redclaw and Crayfish Suppliers.  -- processing & sales tips, and marketing recommendations.

More about this book and Red Claw Crayfish here:
Red Claw Crayfish Farming


From 'AQUACULTURE MAGAZINE' by James W. Avault Jr., book review editor: "This book is compiled from information from David O'Sullivan of the University of Tasmania, David Rouse of Auburn University, and several private companies growing Red Claw in America and Australia. It is developed as a manual for the crayfish farmer. It covers all of the important topics a beginning farmer would need to know. This book is easy to read and should be a help to anyone who wants a book of Red Claw aquaculture in a condensed version. David O'Sullivan and David Rouse are highly respected researchers of Red Claw."

Reviewer: Charles Showalter (charles@redclaw.com) from Pittsburgh, Penn. "First off, I would like to thank the author for writing this book on Red Claw Culture and especially for including the section on information resources. The book was able to bring a lot of great information together, and presented it in a manner that made the average 'water farmer' comfortable with Red Claw production. This must not have been an easy task, considering the lack of available information. After reading the book I decided to dig deeper and became excited with the possibilities. The book was correct in stating that this industry is in it's infancy and quite likely will grow fast. I now operate the Red Claw Crayfish Hatchery in Pittsburgh and have a very successful web site. And this book got me started!"

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