The Great Pyramid of Giza.
Cutaway Drawing of the Pyramid Pump

Here is a cutaway of the Pyramid Pump in operation. Just run your pointer over the grey buttons below the picture from left to right slowly.

Pyramid Ram Pump

Move your cursor/pointer slowly across the buttons above, fom left to right, to see the cycle of the valves in the detail.

Most early explorers of the pyramids were more interested in the discovery of treasures than in scientific enlightenment. It is fortunate for us that some brave scholars took the time to explore and map the inner chambers and conduits of these mammoth structures. Their dedication has enabled scientists to draw reasonable conclusions, through the years, on the purpose of their existence.

During the initial phases of exploration, scholars were interested in proving that the pyramids were built for one purpose; as a tomb for the ruling Pharaohs, as a system of measurements, or an observatory for early astronomers, etc. In light of the mathematical, geometric and astronomical features that were incorporated into the pyramid structure, their assumptions were hardly without basis.

Unfortunately, for purposes of historical revision, bias will always defeat speculation and conjecture. Modern dogma insists that the Egyptian pyramids had one inclusive reason for being . . . to house the remains of their deceased rulers. However, chronicled history must be challenged when overwhelming evidence exists to the contrary. Modern mankind must not be so arrogant as to preclude the possibility that our ancestors thousands of years ago understood and forged into practical usage what we have trouble omprehending today.

While we will undoubtedly never uncover the naked truth behind the existence of the pyramids, it is important to dispute and even confront historical myth and legend. An open-minded view of the past allows for an unprejudiced glimpse into the future.

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